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Improve healthcare with interactive online treatments

How does it work?

Shorten waiting lists

Clients can start within 4 weeks with their online treatments. The treatment time will be shortened and groups are formed easier.

Interactive (group) treatments

Provide your individual treatments or group treatments in the interactive online classroom. A place where you can hear and see each other live and where you can collaborate.

Attract new practitioners

Let your employees be schooled to become certified Online Practitioners and attract new professionals.

Case study: The ‘Digi Poli Jeugd’ (Digital Outpatient Clinic for Youth) by Youz

September 2018, Youz Child- and Youth psychiatry has started with their Digital Outpatient Clinic for Youth. They treat clients and their parents live online in the field of autism, ADHD, trauma, anxiety and mood disorders.

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Be relieved of all the burden!

Simple implementation

Simple implementation

We support your organization, practitioners and clients with the implementation of a digital outpatient clinic. Together we will find out how we can design and deploy this in the best possible way. The digital outpatient clinic is web based, so it won’t result in any problems with the existing ICT structure within your organization.

Certified online training

Certified online training

To be able to provide only care, we school your employees to become Live Online practitioners. This interactive online training certified according to the NEN-EN ISO 17024:2012 norm for Person certification.

Scale up users

Scale up users

Does it turn out that you have more treatments or clients then you thought? No problem! You can easily scale up your number of users.


How does it work?

Certified training

Follow the certified live online training to become Online Practitioner and learn fully how to treat live online.

Design your treatments

During the training, you will transform one of your treatments to an interactive live online treatment or you will design a completely new treatment trajectory.

Schedule treatment session(s)

Schedule an individual or group treatment and prepare your clients via the live online environment, which is 24/7 accessible!

Treat your clients

Treat your clients, their family members or groups, independently live online!


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