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About us

With live online care we want to create a sustainable impact in the field of (mental) healthcare. Why? Mental healthcare is facing some big challenges:

There is a shortage of qualified employees. With the ageing, this shortage shall grow in the coming years.

On the other hand, mental health care is facing gigantic waiting lists to be able to treat clients. The treatment capacity cannot handle the growing demand for care and the declining number of places. This does not only lead to longer waiting lists, but also to more disturbed individuals on the street and more psychiatric commitment statutes and reports of crises.

There is a need for sustainability, also in healthcare. There is a lot of pollution due to unnecessary travel of clients and health care professionals. With Live Online Care, care is approachable and nearby.

Live Online Care provides a solution

Shorten waiting lists

Clients can start within four weeks with their online treatments. The treatment time will be shortened and groups are formed easier.

Interactive (group) treatments

Provide your individual treatments or group treatments in the interactive online classroom. A place where you can hear and see each other live and where you can collaborate.

Attract new practitioners

Let your employees be schooled to become certified Online Practitioners and attract new professionals.

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